A fresh new start…

And here we are, off to a fresh start with a new blog and a new site. Eventually I’ll get my own domain but we’ll take this one step at a time, ok? For now.. this is a good step.

Right now I’m working on a new manuscript – a science fiction/horror/thriller piece. It’s flowing rather well for me or at least it was until I got sick and my brain melted. I have no energy right now and work is killing me. Just getting through the day so I can go back to sleep is agonizing. Hopefully this clears up quick and isn’t just the start of something terrible.

Crypticon is in a few weeks, at least. Part of me is looking forward to it and part of me is already nervous. I submitted two stories this year to the writing contest and I’m dying to find out the outcome. I just want to know! Ugh. I hate waiting.

That’s it for now. I know, very exciting stuff. All my non-existent blog readers are going to be pissing themselves from all the thrilling antics of my life.



About amairedinsmore

A. Maire is a writer living in Snohomish County, Washington with her husband, whom she has shared her life with since she was 19, their three children and one very spoiled Husky-Doberman mix. She was published in the Crypticon De-Composition 2011 Anthology with the short story 'Awakening' and in her free time enjoys planning parties for the group Biohazard, watching football, camping and reading.
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