Steps in the Right Direction

News update: one or both of the short stories I submitted to the Crypticon Seattle writing contest made it into the finals. They didn’t tell me if it was one or the other or both but I had to fill out a release form for both so it could be either/or. At this point, I’m just happy I made it. The award ceremony is Saturday of the convention and while my best friend and my husband aren’t going to be there because of work, I know that I’m going to have at least a few people to support me while I struggle not to faint in public again. Once again, I have no idea who I am up against and therefore strongly doubt I have a chance at winning but I do have a chance at getting published again. So that’s something.

One thing I did notice — not one person that made it in to the book last year is in the list this year besides myself. That means one of two possibilities I can think of – either they didn’t make it (which I doubt) or they’ve gone on to bigger and better things, like Rick & Melinda, and they didn’t enter (which is much more likely). Am I the only one from last year that spent the last 12 months not taking myself seriously as a writer? Did I just waste another year?



I have got to stop doing this. I have got to get my head out of my ass, get writing and start getting paid for this. I know I have the talent so the only thing that is stopping me is ME. And that’s just pathetic. I hate being pathetic.

So now I’m just annoyed at myself. Which I think is what I needed to get my ass in gear.

I’ve got my submissions organized and tracked. I’ve got my manuscripts organized, all of them… even the ones I’ve stopped working on. Now I just need to get a schedule fixed up and some writing time made for myself… and then I have to stick to it.

There is no reason I can’t do this.


About amairedinsmore

A. Maire is a writer living in Snohomish County, Washington with her husband, whom she has shared her life with since she was 19, their three children and one very spoiled Husky-Doberman mix. She was published in the Crypticon De-Composition 2011 Anthology with the short story 'Awakening' and in her free time enjoys planning parties for the group Biohazard, watching football, camping and reading.
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