Wading through the SSDD

No, I’m not talking about the never-ending piles of laundry or stacks of dishes or requirements of feeding the family lest they starve to death. I’m not even talking about the bills that come every month regardless of my pleas to just take my good looks on credit or the unending social life requirements. 

I am talking about the same tweets that are posted every single damn day by the same people… over and over and over and over again… down to almost the minute each day. Yes, I see them so often that I’ve started paying attention to when they’re posted.

Does reposting blogs you’ve written on your own blog or guest written on someone else’s blogs help your career so much that they must be posted every day, even if they were written weeks, months, or even years ago? Does the same ad to offer your services really have an impact if you’ve got the same followers you did yesterday? Or am I missing something? 

Amanda, why don’t you just delete them? You might ask — because these people do post things that are good, solid information or informative, insightful posts that I like to read. Every so often. So then begins the decision making process … do I keep them, wade through the spamming of my thread and hope I’ll be able to find the diamond in the rough? Or do I relieve myself of the clutter, the annoyance of the repeated postings (seriously, you can’t even change anything about the posts? Not even try coming from a different angle?) and try not to let the thought of what I could be missing linger on the back of my mind?

I’m obsessive like that. 

Until I make a decision, I’ll scan twitter every so often for something interesting and avoid it otherwise… mostly.

Seems reasonable. >.<


About amairedinsmore

A. Maire is a writer living in Snohomish County, Washington with her husband, whom she has shared her life with since she was 19, their three children and one very spoiled Husky-Doberman mix. She was published in the Crypticon De-Composition 2011 Anthology with the short story 'Awakening' and in her free time enjoys planning parties for the group Biohazard, watching football, camping and reading.
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