Temporary Insanity? Misguided Naivety? Or a Stroke of Freaking Genius?

It has been no secret that I’ve struggled the last few months. I’ve made quite a dent on the work I have before me and then hit a wall – just unable to continue or find the faith I need in myself. I struggled with this wall for over a month, attempting to work myself out of the slump and push past it. I talked what was bothering me out with those whose opinions I trust and respect, I tried to just get through it.

But after a while I realized that the problem was bigger than something I could just work around. There was something telling me that things needed to be changed. So I took a hard look at what I had and in a moment of pure honesty, I realized I wasn’t happy with it. Now, before those of you who know me jump to the “she’s falling into old habits” vein of thought, this time I was able to point out specific problems AND how I could solve them. Way different than simply deciding it’s crap and throwing it out.
So I’m changing things: the POV (which is a bitch by the way) and adding in a level to the main character that adds depth to the story, along with adjusting the characters a little. It’s been a week and I’m already feeling tons better about the project as a whole.
But I can’t help but wonder … am I shooting myself in the foot? I can’t be the only writer that’s done something similar, right?

I guess we’ll find out.

Also! For November, in honor of NaNoWriMo, we’ll be doing our own version … I don’t want to follow the actual rules and start a whole new project — that would murder my creativity. But it’s a great way to motivate yourself. So I’ll be posting progress and goals throughout the month. ^_^



About amairedinsmore

A. Maire is a writer living in Snohomish County, Washington with her husband, whom she has shared her life with since she was 19, their three children and one very spoiled Husky-Doberman mix. She was published in the Crypticon De-Composition 2011 Anthology with the short story 'Awakening' and in her free time enjoys planning parties for the group Biohazard, watching football, camping and reading.
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