Officially reached the halfway mark!

To date, this project has already been more successful than any I’ve ever done. I’ve not allowed myself to self sabotage and self destruct. I’ve plotted out the basic outline of the entire novel (bullet points and a general outline in a paragraph of what’s going to happen, which I find helps me focus) and I’ve officially reached the halfway mark, having completed chapter eight. It won’t be a terribly long novel, especially as far as science fiction goes but for a debut, I’m happy with it.

For those readers that aren’t on my Facebook (wait, why aren’t you?!) I recently had a revelation that has given me hope for my future as a writer and strengthened my resolve to maintain my current path; if the first short story I ever offered to the public eye can be downloaded over 700 times in the last year alone and garner 4 and 5 star reviews without any encouragement from me … I might have the ability and talent to really do this.

I don’t write hoping that someday I’ll be the next J.K. Rowling or anything of that nature. I don’t hope for awards and praise, fame and success. I do this because I have a story inside that burns to be told. Characters screaming to be let out lest they drive me mad with their antics inside my head and a need to let the creative monkeys work their evil magics on paper rather than real life.

If someone enjoys what I produce during that journey … That’s awesome. I never thought I’d ever be published let alone find myself working on a novel scheduled to be released next year. The thought of seeing my face and biography on the guest authors page of a convention never even crossed my mind. Panels at conventions? Ha, right. There’s FAR more qualified people around. Right?

This whole experience has been amazing, life changing and … well, altering in the ways I am looking at myself.

And that’s not such a bad thing.


About amairedinsmore

A. Maire is a writer living in Snohomish County, Washington with her husband, whom she has shared her life with since she was 19, their three children and one very spoiled Husky-Doberman mix. She was published in the Crypticon De-Composition 2011 Anthology with the short story 'Awakening' and in her free time enjoys planning parties for the group Biohazard, watching football, camping and reading.
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